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Annual General Meeting- Sunday 4 May

Keep the nuclear abolition ball rolling:
Join us in New York for the annual Abolition 2000 meeting

Nuclear abolition is moving from vision, to action. You can help. Read more »

Nuclear abolition news – April edition of The Sunflower now available

The Sunflower is a monthly newsletter  providing educational information on nuclear weapons abolition and other issues relating to global security. The April edition includes articles/reports on Ukraine and nuclear weapons, Ten reasons why nukes are nuts, Nuclear weapons budget, Peace poetry contest, DC Days in May  (lobbying the US congress), Restoring the Golden Rule (US first anti-nuclear peace boat) and more… Read more »

April 14 is Global Day of Action on Military Spending – Cut nukes not…

On the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (April 14) call on governments and parliaments to cut the funding for Nukes!

What would you choose to spend the nuclear weapons budget on? Make your choice at Cut Nukes not…

Approximately US$100 billion per year is spent on nuclear weapons and their delivery systems (See Global Zero: The cost of nukes). These resources are sorely needed for education, health, job creation, environmental protection (including preventing climate change) and supporting sustainable development. Nuclear weapons spending thus impacts negatively on all countries and the world as a whole – not only the ones with nuclear weapons programs.


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