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Save the date- 2015 Annual Meeting


The next annual meeting of the Abolition 2000 network will take place on Saturday 2 May 2015, 9am- 6pm at PACE University in New York City (One Pace Plaza, down the hill from NY City Hall on Spruce and Gold Street).  It will follow the first week of the 2015 NPT Review Conference. You can register for the meeting here.  To read more about previous meetings of the Network, see here. Can’t make it?  Send a message instead.

Will you wave goodbye to nuclear weapons?

wave goodbye scotland
Waving goodbye to nuclear weapons from the Scottish parliament

On April 26 and 27, all around the world, people will be waving goodbye to nuclear weapons. Will you be one of them?

Global Wave 2015 will start at 1 pm on April 26 at a huge peace rally in New York. It will then go westward with waves one hour apart – at 1pm in each time-zone – until it arrives back in New York on April 27 for the opening day of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference at the United Nations.

The message of the wave: Start the negotiations for the complete prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons. Free up the $100 billion nuclear weapons budget for better use, including addressing climate change, ending poverty and providing basic health care and education for the world.

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The Nobel Peace Prize: What Nobel really wanted!

What Nobel wanted

276 candidates have been nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. However, according to Nobel Peace Prize Watch, the Nobel Committee often errs from the wishes of Alfred Nobel. Nobel Peace Prize Watch has, for the first time, published a list  25 candidates out of the 276 that are ‘valid candidates’. Abolition 2000 is included in the list.

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