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Legal Gap or Compliance Gap?

by John Burroughs and Peter Weiss*
Reprinted from Arms Control Today
October 2015
(Click here for the article on Arms Control Today)

John Burroughs

John Burroughs

Beatrice Fihn’s recent article (“A New Humanitarian Era: Prohibiting the Unacceptable,” July/August 2015) highlights the commitment by the signers of the “Humanitarian Pledge” to “pursue effective measures to fill the legal gap for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.” Put forward by Austria in December 2014, the pledge is now supported by well more than 100 countries. Fihn also states, rightly, that nuclear weapons “fundamentally violate the principles of humanitarian law.”

If the use of nuclear weapons already is unlawful, how should the concept of a “legal gap” be understood? The deficiency should be seen as a compliance gap, the failure to eliminate nuclear weapons in accordance with Article VI of the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). That article requires the pursuit of negotiations in good faith of “effective measures…relating to nuclear disarmament.”

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Jeremy Corbyn: I would never use nuclear weapons if I were PM


Jeremy Corbyn,the new leader of the UK Labour Party, has ignited a public debate in the UK – and around the world – on the morality of using nuclear weapons.

Corbyn,  who Co-Chairs the UK Section of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND), has rocked the UK establishment, and also the Labour Party, by stating categorically that if he becomes Prime Minister following the 2020 UK election, he would instruct the UK’s defence chiefs never to use the Trident nuclear weapons system. Read more »

Alternative Nobel Peace Prize to the Marshall Islands


The Right Livelihood Foundation announced today that Foreign Minister Tony de Brum & the People of the Marshall Islands will receive an Honorary Right Livelihood Award (otherwise known as the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize) in recognition of their leadership on climate change issues and nuclear disarmament. Read more »