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Time to Ban the Bomb

by Alice Slater Global Momentum is building for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons! While the world has banned chemical and biological weapons, there is no explicit legal prohibition of nuclear weapons, although the International Court of Justice ruled unanimously that there is an obligation to bring to a conclusion negotiations for their total elimination.   […]

(Don’t Want Your) Nuclear Umbrella

ICAN has released this fantastic new video to get us moving out from under the nuclear umbrella.

Call For Independent Inquiry Of The Airplane Crash In Ukraine And Its Catastrophic Aftermath

At this very moment in history, when so many people and nations around the world are acknowledging the 100th Anniversary of our planet’s hapless stumble into World War I, great powers and their allies are ironically once again provoking new dangers where governments appear to be sleepwalking towards a restoration of old Cold War battles. […]