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Strategies for banning nuclear weapons

Sixty years ago this month, renowned intellectuals Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell issued their famous manifesto in London calling for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons. “We appeal as human beings to human beings: remember your humanity, and forget the rest,” they wrote.

Statement from Lenape Center for Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting

This statement from the Lenape Center was delivered at the beginning of Abolition 2000′s Annual General Meeting on May 2, 2015. Welcome to the Land of the Lenape, Lenapehoking. Mother Earth has provided for us everything we need to experience life since the beginning of time. This generosity has been abused by the addiction of […]

The Nobel Peace Prize: What Nobel really wanted!

276 candidates have been nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. However, according to Nobel Peace Prize Watch, the Nobel Committee often errs from the wishes of Alfred Nobel. Nobel Peace Prize Watch has, for the first time, published a list  25 candidates out of the 276 that are ‘valid candidates’. Abolition 2000 is included in […]