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Individuals and organizations from across the globe work together in Abolition 2000 Working Groups on various issues and campaigns to further the elimination of nuclear weapons.  We invite you to join a Working Group to participate with others on an aspect of nuclear abolition that interests you or to share information and exchange resources on your current projects.  If you are working on an issue not listed below, write to us for help in forming a new Working Group.

Current Working Groups:

Economic Dimensions of Nuclearism Working Group
The wider debates on the economic crisis, government austerity cuts and a sharper scrutiny of public budgets has made cost of nuclear weapons more salient in nuclear disarmament debates. There is a need to share information and ideas, not only about the scale and the nature of the problem, but also about ways to challenge decision-makers in both public and private sectors.
Convention Step One : De-Alerting Working Group

The world is at high risk with more than 2000 nuclear bombs in high alert status, ready to be launched by the US and Russia in less than 20 minutes.

 At the General Assembly of Abolition 2000 in May 2010 it was decided to campaign on this issue, and to couple de-alerting to the Convention, because de-alerting is precisely the first step of the Convention.
Citizens Weapons Inspections
Working to organize citizen weapons inspections of known weapons sites in nuclear weapons states where nuclear arms are deployed, stored, built, or designed.
Depleted Uranium
Gathering and disseminating information and health data on the toxic effects of depleted uranium to human well-being and the environment.
Fissile Materials
Compiling a “shadow inventory” of nuclear materials worldwide in lieu of the accounting for these materials which governments have failed to provide.
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Works to prevent space weaponization and the use of nuclear power in space.
Indigenous Peoples’ Issues
The Indigenous Peoples Working Group serves as a forum for the exchange of information, research and news on nuclear issues affecting indigenous communities across the globe.
Mayors for Peace
Working to enroll mayors around the world to work for a nuclear weapons convention by 2020.
Missile Ban
Laying the groundwork to develop a world wide missile ban.
Nuclear Weapons Convention
Promoting consideration of and negotiations towards a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC), which would prohibit the development, production, testing, stockpiling, transfer, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons and provide for their elimination.
Nukes Out of Europe
Nukes Out of Europe is a working group of Abolition 2000 comprised of NGOs working in NATO countries advocating the removal of the US nuclear weapons from Europe.
Radiation / Health Effects
A network of experienced health workers, scientists, physicians, activists, and other experts on radiation effects, gathering information and issuing reports and documents on the truth about the toxic legacy of the nuclear age.
Sustainable Energy
Working to establish a Global Sustainable Energy Fund to harness safe solutions for our planet’s energy needs.
Youth and Disarmament
Working to engage and educate youth about nuclear disarmament.

UPDATE (January 2012): Our new Working Group, Economic Dimensions of Militarism, will address the issues formerly addressed by the Military-Corporate and Divestment Working Groups.

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