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Mayors for Peace call on all countries to participate in the OEWG

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On January 28, the UN Open Ended Working Group on nuclear disarmament (OEWG) will hold its first session in Geneva. The OEWG, open to all UN member states and to representatives of civil society, was established by the UN General Assembly to work on effective legal measures and norms to achieve a world without nuclear weapons, and on interim to increase transparency and eliminate the risk of accidental, mistaken, unauthorized or intentional nuclear weapon detonations.

Mayors for Peace has sent an Open Letter to the OEWG urging all States – especially those possessing nuclear weapons and their umbrella states – to engage in constructive deliberations in the OEWG in order to pave the way for a nuclear-weapon-free world.

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Mayors for Peace – Join the 2 million people supporting a nuclear weapons convention

Mayors for Peace delegation at the 2010 march

Mayors for Peace delegation marching to the United Nations in New York

Mayors for Peace urges you to sign the online petition calling for negotiations of a nuclear weapons convention – a global treaty to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. Over 2 million people have signed since the petition was launched in 2013. Mayors for Peace is seeking millions more.

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Mayors for Peace calls on Japan government to support a nuclear weapons convention

Hiroshima Mayor Matsui presents statement to Foreign Minister Kishida

Hiroshima Mayor Matsui presents statement to Foreign Minister Kishida

On November 9th and 10th, Japanese member cities of Mayors for Peace met in Hiroshima City and adopted a Letter of Request to the Japanese government to take action to achieve a nuclear weapons convention (click here for original in Japanese).

On December 24th, on behalf of Japanese member cities of Mayors for Peace, President Matsui, Mayor of the City of Hiroshima, and Mr. Okubo, Director of the Peace Promotion Office of the City of Nagasaki, met with Foreign Minister Kishida and presented him with the Letter of Request.

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