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US Mayors support case against nuclear armed countries in World Court

The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), a network of over 1000 US cities with populations over 30,ooo people, adopted a powerful nuclear disarmament resolution on 23 June, including support for the recent case lodged in the International Court of Justice by the Marshall Islands against the nine nuclear armed countries. Read more »

Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Compass

On Jun 20 2014, the Inter Press Service (IPS) reported on a unique event at the United Nations – one which highlighted a fresh approach to break the deadlock between governments on nuclear disarmament.

Noting the political divisions that have prevented states from reaching any significant agreements on nuclear disarmament, IPS reported that a new approach is perhaps required – one focusing less on political issues and more on a moral and ethical framework for nuclear abolition. Read more »

Nuclear Savage – The Islands of Secret Project 4.1

‘John is a savage, but a happy, amenable savage.’
–1950’s U.S. newsreel footage of Marshall Islanders and the nuclear tests

Nuclear Savage – The Islands of Secret Project 4.1, is a powerful documentary film produced recently by former Greenpeace activist Adam Jonas Horowitz in collaboration with the American public television network PBS and the Kindle Project. It is a heartbreaking and intimate ethnographic portrait of Pacific Islanders struggling for dignity and survival after decades of intentional radiation poisoning at the hands of the American government. Read more »