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Join us for the 2017 Annual Meeting

Nuclear abolition is more important than ever before. Join us for this global campaigners meeting. Nuclear disarmament activists from around the world will meet to share campaign reports, discuss nuclear disarmament strategy, explore opportunities for action and plan...

UN commences nuclear abolition negotiations

by Alyn Ware, Member of the Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee. On 16 February, approximately 100 countries gathered at the United Nations for the first session of negotiations on a legal agreement to prohibit nuclear weapons. The participants included two...

Abolition 2000 nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Abolition 2000 was this week nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Thore Vestby, Vice-President of Mayors for Peace and an alternate member of parliament from Norway. 'The issue of nuclear weapons came to a peak last week when the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved...

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