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Kazakhstan becomes 57th country to sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty

On March 2, Kazakhstan Ambassador Kairat Umarov signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (Ban Treaty) on behalf of Kazakhstan at the United Nations in New York. Kazakhstan had already rejected nuclear weapons in the early 1990s, after inheriting the...

Join the global youth video for a nuclear-weapon-free world

From May 14-16, world leaders will be gathering in New York for the United Nations High Level Conference on nuclear disarmament. This conference has become increasingly important in light of the increased threat of nuclear war. Last month this threat was highlighted...

Abolition 2000 youth appeal to world leaders

As nuclear tensions increase following North Korea’s most recent missile test, young academics, policy analysts and activists from around the world released an appeal calling on world leaders to reduce the risks of nuclear weapons being used and to support United...

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