Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Today is the first day of the 2017 Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS). Civil society organisations around the world will take action over the next two weeks to reduce military spending in order to help fund social and environmental needs, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

Abolition 2000 members are encouraged to  ‘Move the Nuclear Weapons Money‘, a joint campaign of UNFOLD ZERO and GDAMS to highlight the $100 billion global nuclear weapons budget, and ‘move the nuclear weapons money’ to better purposes.

Here are four actions you can take.Move_Nuclear_Weapons_Money

1. Nuclear divestment – governments, cities, universities, churches…

Most governments and cities, and many churches and universities, have investment funds. Ask your government to join Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland who have adopted policies or legislation to divest public funds from nuclear weapons corporations. Ask your city to join Cambridge (USA) and other cities that have divested their city funds from nuclear weapons corporations. Check if your university and church are investing in nuclear weapons.

For more information see Move the Nuclear Weapons Money: A handbook for civil society and legislators’.

2. Support a ban on financing nuclear weapons production

The United Nations has started negotiations on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. UNFOLD ZERO, PNND and the Basel Peace Office have proposed that the treaty include a prohibition on financing nuclear weapons – including investments in nuclear weapons corporations. PAX, another Abolition 2000 member organization, is also pushing for this. Such a prohibition could put a huge dent in the power of the nuclear weapons corporations to lobby for a continuing nuclear arms race.

This could be the most effective part of the treaty, if it is included. But there is considerable opposition to this from the nuclear armed States and the nuclear weapons corporations. Governments in the negotiations (non-nuclear governments) will need the support of civil society to ‘weather’ this opposition.

Encourage your government to support the proposal that the ban treaty prohibit the financing of nuclear weapons production.

3. Cut nukes, not…

What do you think the $100 billion nuclear weapons budget should be spent on? Using the hash-tag #movethemoney post your thoughts on twitter, facebook, instagram etc… using the phrase ‘Cut nukes not…’

Cut nukes not education

4. Joint statement of legislators and religious leaders

UNFOLD ZERO partners with Mayors for Peace, Religions for Peace and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament on this joint statement for a nuclear-weapon-free world. The statement highlights the $100 billion annual nuclear weapons budget, and the need to re-direct these funds to ‘reverse climate change, eliminate poverty and address other social and economic needs.’

Invite your parliamentarian, religious leader and or mayor to endorse the statement.

The statement will be presented to the UN Secretary-General and circulated to all UN members later this year to support UN initiatives for nuclear abolition.