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What is a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC)
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Abolition 2000 NWC Working Group

This group works to promote consideration of and negotiations towards a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC), which would prohibit the development, production, testing, stockpiling, transfer, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons and provide for their elimination. A Model NWC, drafted by working group members and other experts, has been circulated by the United Nations. The aim of the Model NWC is to demonstrate the feasibility of the elimination of nuclear weapons through consideration of the technical, legal and political requirements for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. It is intended to stimulate negotiations by States on the elimination of nuclear weapons, and to provide guidance and focus for such negotiations. In addition, establishing a framework for the elimination of nuclear weapons, will assist in achieving steps towards that goal.

Security and Survival: The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention contains the Model NWC plus discussion on achievement of a NWC.

News & Events

The proposal for a Nuclear Weapons Convention has gained considerable momentum since UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released his Five-Point-Plan for Nuclear Disarmament in 2008 calling on all States to commence negotiations on such a convention or similar framework of agreements. Numerous parliaments and inter-parliamentary bodies have adopted resolutions in support.

In May 2010, the States Parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty for the first time ever, agreed that all States should make special efforts to build the framework for a nuclear-weapons-free world, noting the UNSG’s plan and the nuclear weapons convention.

Over 6000 cities have now joined the Mayors for Peace call for a nuclear weapons convention by 2020. Over 2 million individuals have signed the Mayors for Peace petition for a nuclear weapons convention. You can sign online here.

In March 2014, the Inter Parliamentary Union (representing 164 parliaments including those of most of the nuclear-armed States and States under extended nuclear deterrence) adopted by consensus a landmark resolution calling on governments to commence negotiations on a nuclear weapons convention or package of agreements.


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To join: If you are interested in joining the A2000 NWC Working Group send an email message to alyn@lcnp.org

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