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War Abolition 201: Building the Alternative Global Security System

January 29, 2018


A three month, online course beginning on January 29.

With what do we replace the war system (aka the military-industrial-corporate-governmental complex)? What truly makes us secure? What are the moral, social, political, philosophical and pragmatic foundations of an alternative global security system – a system in which peace is pursued by peaceful means? What actions and strategies might we pursue in building this system? War Abolition 201: Building the Alternative Global Security System, explores these questions and more with the goal of engaging students in learning that leads to action.

War Abolition 201 provides participants an opportunity to learn from, dialogue with, and strategize for change with World Beyond War experts and peer activists and change makers from around the world.

A facilitated online learning experience led by World Beyond War experts, War Abolition 201 is based upon the publication A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (2017 edition) and its accompanying free online study and action guide Study War No More.

Each week of the course will feature a guest instructor / facilitator from World Beyond War’s coordinating or advisory committee. These guest instructors will help you to explore weekly topics supported by an online chat room where you are encouraged to dialogue with peers and instructors. The interactions are not live or scheduled. You take part whenever works for you.   Optional written assignments are also provided each week for those who wish to earn a certificate. Submissions and feedback can be shared with everyone taking the course or kept private between a student and the instructor, at the student’s choice.

The cost of the course is the same for someone completing all, some, or none of the assignments.

A certificate will be provided to those who complete all assignments.

*** Please note: War Abolition 101 is not a prerequisite for War Abolition 201.  The two courses are complimentary and can be taken in any order.  While 101 focuses on understanding and dismantling the current security system, 201 emphasizes building the new system.  War Abolition 101 will be offered again in 2018.  Please join World Beyond War’s email list to receive announcements and updates.