Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

World Council of Churches
150 Rte de Ferney, Geneva, Switzerland

1 Welcome and Opening
2 Introductions & Goals of the Meeting
3 Brief Overview of Abolition 2000 (our story)
4 Report from Secretariat
5 Proposals emerging from regional networks
6 Reports from thematic working groups

Nuclear WeaponsDepleted Uranium
De-alertingRadiationSustainable Energy
Mayors for Peace
Parliamentarians – PNND
Space Weaponization/Global Network
Citizens Weapons
Indigenous Peoples

Lunchtime Public Forum:
Obstacles and Opportunities for Nuclear Abolition
Co-hosted with the World Conference of Churches

7 Breakout into thematic working groups (2 sessions) to discuss proposals
8 Timeline 2011-2015
9 Collaborative Campaigning- proposals for joint days of action
10 A2000 Outreach and Membership
11 Fundraising
12 Affirmation of the Global Council and Coordinating Committee