Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons


We cordially invite you to the

Abolition 2000 Strategy session

to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention



New York, Thursday 11 October

1:15 – 4:15pm

Bahai meeting room, 866 UN Plaza, Ground Floor

Light lunch will be provided

Now is the time to negotiate a global treaty to abolish nuclear weapons!
The people of the world agree – as expressed in numerous opinion polls. The non-nuclear weapon states agree (and a couple of the nuclear-weapon-possessing states), voting overwhelmingly at the United Nations in favour of negotiations for a nuclear weapons convention (NWC) since 1996. Yet these negotiations have not started.

How can we turn public sentiment into political action for a nuclear weapons convention?

Join us in New York to discuss this, and help build the global campaign for nuclear abolition.

 Abolition 2000 Strategy Session on a NWC

Draft agenda:

  1. Campaigns for a NWC – update on current campaigns and initiatives
  2. Strategies for advancing the NWC
    1. United Nations approach
    2. Like-minded countries – Ottawa/Oslo approach
    3. Preparatory work on NWC
    4. Parliaments and local body authorities
    5. Religious communities
    6. Other constituencies – environmental, human rights, development
    7. Enhancing collaboration between the campaigns


To register or for further information contact :

Alyn Ware, Coordinator Abolition 2000 Nuclear Weapons Convention working group,  

alyn@lcnp.org Mobile: +1 646 752-8702


About the Abolition 2000 Working Group for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

The Working Group has played a leading role in:

  • Drafting of a Model Nuclear Weapons Convention which was then circulated by the United Nations and recommended in the UN Secretary-General’s as a good guide for nuclear disarmament negotiations;
  • Promoting the UN General Assembly resolution calling for negotiations leading to the conclusion of a NWC;
  • Supporting and publicizing public opinion polls indicating majority support for a NWC;
  • Promoting the NWC at all the NPT Review Conferences (and prep meetings) since 1995:
  • Working with Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament to achieve resolutions in parliaments around the world supporting a nuclear weapons convention.

and much more. See A2000 NWC working group report.