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On April 18, 2013, DC’s Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced the HR-1650, the “Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act which calls on the United States government to negotiate and enter into a multilateral treaty for the dismantlement and elimination of all nuclear weapons in every country by not later than 2020; and for strict and effective international control of such dismantlement and elimination.

Holmes Norton, in introducing the bill (draft Act), noted that “Following years of dangerous increases in U.S. nuclear capacity during the George W. Bush administration, President Barack Obama has begun to rebuild U.S. credibility with his goal of taking the necessary steps to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.”
The bill also calls on the government to “redirect resources that are being used for nuclear weapons programs to use in converting all nuclear weapons industry employees, processes, plants, and programs smoothly to constructive, ecologically beneficial peacetime activities, including strict control of all fissile material and radioactive waste, during the period in which nuclear weapons must be dismantled and eliminated,” and to address “human and infrastructure needs, including development and deployment of sustainable carbon-free and nuclear-free energy sources, health care, housing, education, agriculture, and environmental restoration, including long-term radioactive waste monitoring.”
Congresswoman Holmes Norton has introduced different versions of this bill since 1994, after a nuclear disarmament ballot initiative (Proposition 1) was adopted by Washington D.C. voters in 1993. She is now appealing on fellow US congress members to support the bill.
This year in introducing the bill, Norton recognized the memory of William Thomas, who died in 2009, after holding his anti-nuclear vigil for nearly 28 years, the longest uninterrupted anti-war protest in front of the White House.
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