Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

The manual provides a background to the OEWG, some ideas on what it could achieve, information on how to participate, and recommended actions to ensure its success including promot­ing the OEWG to your governments, parliamentarians, mayors and civil society.

We hope that you find this useful to build support for the OEWG and to encourage your governments to participate actively to make the OEWG a success. Please forward this manual to your networks.

The manual includes an International Call for Action with suggestions on creative and exciting actions you could take to highlight the OEWG focused on the theme ‘Open the Door to a Nuclear-Weapons Free World’. A simple door displayed in a creative way, perhaps in the main square of your city or capital, can attract attention of the media. Vid­eos and other online depictions of “opening the door to a nuclear weapons free world” can inspire your friends, col­leagues and others to join in support.

Manual for Campaigners edition 1.0