Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
Nukes - the relationship is over

Nukes – a relationship based on violence, fear and destruction. Time to end the relationship. It’s over!

This Valentine’s Day take the plunge and break up with nukes.
The relationship may have been seductive. Nukes may have promised power and status and security!
But in reality Nukes are gold-digging bullies, that drain our finances, destroy our friendships, and threaten our neighbours.
Cut the addiction. End the co-dependency. Start a new, healthy life. Improve the neighbourhood.
You are better off freed of this relationship with Nukes.
Anna break up with nukes

We can’t do this anymore. I’ve wasted too much time and energy on you. It’s over. Not Love, Anna. P.S. It’s not me it’s HEU

Make it count: Join the Global Zero campaign to Break up with Nukes:
Write a breakup letter to nuclear weapons declaring the end of your relationship. Tell them how much of your money they’ve wasted and that they’re a disaster waiting to happen. Help others to end their co-dependence with Nukes. Write the letter to your government, encouraging them to dump nukes.
Snap a photo of yourself holding up your letter and submit it to the Global Zero campaign – Break up with nukes!