Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

1470323_1017918964891689_1073541099009892595_n-620x3509 December- The Austrian government has pledged to work with all interested stakeholders to “ to fill the legal gap for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons“. The government conference, following on ICAN’s incredible civil society forum, resulted in both a Chair’s summary document and the Austrian Pledge.

Over 44 states took the floor during the general debate of the government conference to call for a treaty banning nuclear weapons. In bold and forward looking statements, some countries stated clearly they “do not accept the doctrine of nuclear deterrence” (Ireland), while others said it is “with a sense of urgency that we engage in the discourse on nuclear disarmament and move towards a ban on these lethal weapons.” (Jamaica).  All statements from the conference can be found online.

Our victory in Vienna stands on the shoulders of the downwinders from every test site, awash in the tears for those who are long gone, but never forgotten.

Our victory in Vienna is from those sleepless night, those back country actions, those who have raised their voices for generations to right the ultimate wrong of nuclear weapons.

The journey towards the outlaw and elimination of nuclear weapons continues, and would not be possible without the dedication and perseverance of countless activists through decades.  We’re ready to ban the bomb, and governments are ready to join us.