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Civil society march during 2010 NPT Review Conference

Civil society march during 2010 NPT Review Conference

Click here to sign the Peace and Planet petition calling on the upon the NPT parties to use the 2015 Review Conference to immediately, without delay, develop a timetable to ban and eliminate all nuclear weapons.

From April 27 – May 22, 2015 representatives of the 189 members of the NPT, including the original nuclear-armed States (the U.S., Russia, the U.K, France, and China) will come together at the United Nations in New York City to review the Treaty’s operation.

Peace and Planet brings together peace, disarmament, environment, human rights, anti-war, development and justice organisations and activists to call on governments to agree on a diplomatic process to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons.

No Nukes. No Wars. Fund Human Needs.2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the United States atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also marks 45 years since the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) entered into force, obligating all States parties to undertake good faith negotiations for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Instead, the world’s nuclear-armed nations are spending over $100 billion per year to maintain and modernize their nuclear arsenals. The danger of wars among nuclear-armed States is growing, and with it the threat of unimaginable death and suffering.

The International Court of Justice underlined that there is an unconditional obligation to negotiate for the total elimination of nuclear weapons. The recent Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons set up the potential for a direct challenge to the nuclear-armed States. States not possessing nuclear weapons will be demanding a new diplomatic process to achieve nuclear disarmament. It is long past time for the world’s governments to implement the global obligation to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.