Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
Mayors for Peace delegation at the 2010 march

Mayors for Peace delegation marching to the United Nations in New York

Mayors for Peace urges you to sign the online petition calling for negotiations of a nuclear weapons convention – a global treaty to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. Over 2 million people have signed since the petition was launched in 2013. Mayors for Peace is seeking millions more.

The proposal to negotiate a nuclear weapons convention (NWC) has been supported by over 130 countries – including some of those with nuclear arms. The UN Secretary General has circulated a Model NWC as a starting point for such negotiations. However, it has not been possible to commence negotiations yet due to opposition by some nuclear armed countries and others under extended nuclear deterrence relationships. The new UN Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) provides an opportunity to build political momentum for such negotiations to begin.

Click here to sign the petition online.

Take action on the 70th anniversary of UN resolution 1 (1) and first session of the OEWG

January 24 is the 70th anniversary of the first resolution of the United Nations which calls for the elimination of atomic weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction. See Time to implement UN resolution 1 (1).

On January 28, the OEWG will hold its first session for 2016.

UNFOLD ZERO encourages everyone to take action on the week Jan 24-28 to gather signatures from friends, work colleagues, public and others on the NWC petition. Click here for a PDF version to print off and gather physical signatures.