Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Abolition 2000 welcomes World Beyond War as a new affiliated network.

World Beyond War is a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace. The movement creates awareness of popular support for ending war and to further develop that support. World Beyond War advances the idea of not just preventing any particular war but abolishing the entire institution. The movement acts to replace a culture of war with one of peace in which nonviolent means of conflict resolution take the place of bloodshed.

World Beyond War has a number of actions which you can take to help end war:

  1. Sign the World Beyond War Peace Declaration.
    We understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants, severely damage the natural environment, erode civil liberties, and drain our economies, siphoning resources from life-affirming activities. We commit to engage in and support nonviolent efforts to end all war and preparations for war and to create a sustainable and just peace.
    You can sign as an organisation or as an individual.
  2. Move your local council to adopt a supporting resolution. This is a great opportunity to educate and engage people in your community on this topic. A number of cities have already adopted such resolutions. Click here for a sample resolution and additional background.
  3. Divest from weapons dealers. The corporations making weapons are probably the biggest drivers of conflict and war. They do this in order to justify the exorbitant amount of money spent on weapons. Public funds (of cities and governments) around the world are investing in these corporations. By calling on our local and national governments to divest from these corporations, we can limit their power and increase negative publicity against them. See World Beyond War divestment campaign.

(Click here for information on related campaigns to slash the nuclear weapons budgets and divest from corporations making nuclear weapons).

No War 2017 conference, Washington DC


World Beyond War is organising a major conference No War 2017. War and the Environment, which will be held in Washington DC from September 22-24 (in conjunction with the International Day for Peace and the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

In the tradition of No War 2016: Real Security Without Terrorism, and the best speech any U.S. president ever gave, this year’s conference will focus on activism, including activist planning workshops, addressing how the antiwar and environmental movements can work together.

Click here to register