Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Abolition 2000 member organisations in South Korea have called on President Trump to support peace, not war, in North East Asia.

Mass protests were held in Seoul on Sunday, ahead of U.S. President Trump’s visit there yesterday (November 7), calling on both USA and South Korea to take steps to de-escalate the tensions with the DPRK (North Korea) and avoid war.

Park Jung Eun, deputy secretary general of the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) says that the protests reflect the mood among many South Koreans. ‘The South Korean public wants no more military threats from the US, no more nuclear development from North Korea, no more military tension in the Korean peninsula and peaceful resolution to this crisis.’

PSPD had earlier joined the Appeal from Abolition 2000 members for a diplomatic solution in North East Asia, which was sent on September 7 to the leaders and officials of China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea and USA, and also to the United Nations Secretary-General and the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. See North Korea tests nuclear bomb, Abolition 2000 members call for a diplomatic solution

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The Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ), a new Abolition 2000 member and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, sent an appeal to President Trump yesterday (November 7) calling on him to commit to attending the 2018 UN High-Level conference, declare the end of nuclear weapons in NE Asia – in agreement with North Korea, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea — and use the event to also support other nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament measures.

The appeal also condemns the militaristic actions of all the key powers in the region – China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and North Korea as well as the USA – and the foolish reliance on the lunacy of nuclear weapons. And the CCEJ appeal includes a poem for President Trump and the other leaders, appealing to their humanity and reason to stop this lunacy.

The rose of Sharon is blooming
All the letter we should write
Are not “shuddery” as this
Decontamination of Poisons–
Safeguard of Roses–
Elimination of Thorns,
Unclothed, Cut, Dehydrated, for Three–
, as if Bloom it were the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valleys–
Like a Lily among such Thorns, so were our darling among the maidens
―It’s not merely the risk of Nuclear Wars, but the reality of Lu-nati-Clear Weapon

CCEJ is working in particular with the Abolition 2000 Working Group on the 2018 UN High Level Conference on Nuclear
Disarmament and UNFOLD ZERO to promote the High-Level Conference and to support nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament measures including the
establishment of a North East Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone.

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