Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

The webinar will provide an overview of nuclear disarmament processes and events happening in 2019, and the main nuclear disarmament campaigns and actions by parliamentarians, mayors and civil society. The webinar will introduce Abolition 2000 working groups, campaigns and affiliated networks, and it will provide opportunities for activists to discuss and/or join various campaigns and events. Click here to register.

The webinar is the second in a series of such webinars being organized by Abolition 2000, the first one being in January 2019 on the INF Treaty. The webinars are open to anyone involved in nuclear disarmament or wanting to get involved.

The webinar will be held in two repeating sessions: Session 1 is scheduled to enable participation by those living in Asia and the Pacific. Session 2 is scheduled to enable participation by those living in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Each session will last for 1¾ -2 hours using the Zoom conferencing platform and will include a short technical introduction to the zoom conferencing functions, in addition to the presentations, discussion and conclusion.

Session 1: Timed for participants from Asia and the Pacific.

April 10: 9:00 Islamabad (Pakistan), 9:30 Delhi (India), 10:00 Almaty (Kazakhstan), 12:00 Perth (Australia), 12:00 Manila (Philippines), 13:00 Seoul (South Korea), 13:00 Tokyo (Japan), 14:00 Sydney (Australia), 16:00 Auckland (New Zealand). April 9: 18:00 Honolulu, (United States)


  • John Hallam (Australia), Human Survival Project. Nuclear Risk reduction
  • Neshan Gunasekera (Sri Lanka), International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. Nuclear weapons and international law
  • Matt Robson (New Zealand), Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND). Parliamentary actions
  • Tamkeen Saeid (New Zealand), The Peace Foundation. Youth actions.
  • Alyn Ware (New Zealand), World Future Council, PNND. Economic dimensions – move the nuclear weapons money

Session 2: Timed for participants from the Americas, Europe and Africa:

April 10: 9:00 San Francisco (United States), 10:00 Edmonton (Canada), 12:00 Santiago (Chile), 16:00 Reykjavik (Iceland), 17:00 London (United Kingdom), 18:00 Berlin (Germany), 19:00 Amman (Jordan), 19:00 Moscow (Russia)


  • Reiner Braun (Germany), International Peace Bureau. Nukes out of Europe
  • John Burroughs (USA), Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. Nuclear weapons and international law
  • Jackie Cabasso (USA), Mayors for Peace. Actions by cities
  • Arielle Denis (France), International Peace Bureau. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Bruce Gagnon (USA), Global campaign against nuclear power and weapons in space. Missiles and space weapons
  • Marzhan Nurzhan (Kazakhstan), Abolition 2000 Youth Network
  • Vanda Proskova (Czech Republic), Economic Dimensions – Move the Nuclear Weapons Money
  • Tony Robinson (UK), Pressenza. Chair and introduction to Abolition 2000
  • Aaron Tovish (Mexico), Zone Libre. Nuclear risk reduction
  • Monica Willard (USA), United Religions Initiative. Interfaith actions and events.

Please click here to register online. Once you register we will send you details about how to connect to the webinar via zoom.

For more information visit www.abolition2000.org or contact alyn@lcnp.org.

Yours sincerely

Jackie Cabasso, Alyn Ware and Tony Robinson
On behalf of the Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee