Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
2016 Annual General Meeting

2016 Annual General Meeting

Abolition 2000 is a network bringing together organisations that agree a nuclear weapons free world is not only necessary, it is possible. As all nuclear armed countries are planning to upgrade their nuclear weapons systems at a cost of many billions of dollars, at the same time the majority of countries in the world are calling for negotiations in 2017 on a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.

Now is a great time to join the Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting.

Oral Arguments begin in historic Marshall Islands lawsuit

On March 7, 2016, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the world’s highest court, will begin hearings in The Hague, Netherlands, on the preliminary objections raised by the United Kingdom (UK), India and Pakistan in the nuclear disarmament cases brought by the...