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The Cold War ended more than two decades ago, but there are still 16,000 nuclear weapons on the planet. Most of them belong to the United States and Russia. The United Kingdom, China, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, and now, North Korea, collectively have fewer than 1000. Abolition 2000 is a global network committed to ridding the world of nuclear weapons, and the terrible danger they pose for life on our fragile planet.
Abolition 2000
Abolition 2000Thursday, June 16th, 2022 at 7:27am
Nuclear Collateral Damage - a podcast series by Youth Fusion, hosted by Aigerim Seitenova
Abolition 2000
This is a summary video of the podcast series Nuclear Collateral Damage: Conversations with Survivors and Experts.In this series, we aim to raise awareness a...

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