Abolition 2000 – Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

2022: Statement in response to the Joint Statement of the Leaders of the Five Nuclear-Weapon States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races

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Statement issued by the Abolition 2000 Global Council

2021: Statement marking Entry into Force of the TPNW and the 75th Anniversary of UN Resolution 1(1)

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Statement drafted by the Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee

2020: Statement condemning White House discussions to resume nuclear testing

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Statement adopted at the 2020 Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting

2020: Earth Day Statement

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Sign-on statement prepared by the Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee marking Earth Day 2020 and drawing attention to the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons on the planet.

2017: Statement on nuclear-risk-reduction

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Statement adopted at the 2017 Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting

2017: Women’s March to Ban the Bomb

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Message of support to the 2017 Women’s March to Ban the Bomb from the participants of the Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting.

2014: A2000 Global Council message for the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

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Message sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN General Assembly President John Ashe supporting UN actions to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.

2013: Call for a Global Ban on Uranium Mining

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Adopted at the Abolition 2000 AGM held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2013: Faslane Declaration

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Adopted at the A2000 AGM in Edinburgh, Scotland. Supports the establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones (local, national and regional) and non-violent actions for nuclear disarmament at nuclear-weapons facilities, including in Scotland.

2012: Message to Japan welcoming the shut-down of all the Japanese nuclear reactors

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Adopted at the A2000 AGM in Vienna, May 5, 2012.

2011: Abolition 2000 message on the nuclear crisis in Japan and around the world

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Released on Tuesday 26th April, the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster

2002: Abolition 2000 Global Council Statement on Iraq

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Supports the UN weapons inspection program in Iraq and rejects the pre-emptive use of force against Iraq.

2001: Saffron Walden Declaration on Human Security and Nuclear Abolition

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Another supplemental statement to the founding statement, this declaration describes the need for a new security framework to make our world safe, rather than just building more weapons.

1997: Moorea Declaration on Nuclear Weapons, Colonialism & Indigenous Peoples

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This is a supplemental statement to the founding Abolition 2000 statement. It recognises that colonised and indigenous peoples have, in large part, borne the brunt of nuclear devastation.

1995: Abolition 2000 Founding Statement

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The founding statement for Abolition 2000, adopted during the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference at the UN in New York. It outlines concrete measures to achieve the goal of nuclear abolition. This statement has been endorsed by all member organizations and individuals.


Press Releases

Open letter to NPT 2007 Delegates (EnglishFrench)

FMCT ­ A2000 Statement: support of P6 Work Proposal for FMCT

US.India ­ A2000 Statement regarding
the US India Nuclear deal

Flyer ­ A2000 recommendations to NPT 2007 PrepCom delegates (EnglishFrench)

Global Summit Holds Hope of Nuclear Abolition
Issue Must Move to More Democratic Forums,
say Anti-Nuke Groups

(August 29, 2005)
On the eve of one of the largest meeting of world leaders ever convened at the United Nations (UN), Abolition 2000, a world-wide network of nuclear disarmament groups, called all UN representatives to take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to take bold action to end the global threat of nuclear weapons. Next month, hundreds of heads of state, including U.S. President George W. Bush, will meet for the first five-year review of the goals established at the 2000 Millennium Summit, among them a continued commitment to the nonproliferation and eventual abolition of nuclear weapons.
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On 60th Anniversary of U.S. A-Bomb Attacks on Japan, Major Protests at Active Nuclear Weapon Sites To Demand Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
(August 1, 2005)
Sixty years after U.S. atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, survivors, children of survivors, and other radiation victims will take part in coordinated protest actions at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities to mark the 60 th observance of the bombings with National Days of Remembrance and Action on August 6th and 9th, 2005.
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Green Groups Reject Nuke Power as Answer to Global Warming
(June 17, 2005)
GRACE today joined nearly 300 international, national, regional and local environmental, consumer, and clean energy groups to reject recent claims that nuclear power is a viable solution to global warming. With votes Congress discussing a new energy bill this, GRACE joined several of the groups in calling for Congress to reject legislation that would subsidize nuclear power as part of a plan to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas.
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The Empire Strikes Out!
Global Disarmament Groups Blame U.S. for Failure to Strengthen NPT
(May 26, 2005)
A coalition of over 2000 groups from 90 countries today blamed the United States and other nuclear weapons states for failing to strengthen the global nuclear non-proliferation regime during four weeks of meetings at the United Nations to review the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
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Nobel Prizewinners Warn of Accidental Nuclear War
(April 5, 2005)
32 Nobel prizewinners, and 237 nongovernmental organizations and parliamentarians from around the world issued a statement today urging that strategic nuclear weapons systems be ‘stood down’ from Launch on Warning status,in order to lessen the risk of accidental nuclear war.
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World Assembly Sets May 1st for Global Actions to End Nukes
(February 14, 2005)

Representatives from over 33 nations joined several hundred thousand activists at the 2005 World Social Forum (WSF) where the Anti-War Assembly officially endorsed global demonstrations on May 1st to demand the total abolition of nuclear weapons.
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Global Anti-Nuke Movement Demands Plan by May
(January 27, 2005)
There is no time for tinkering with nuclear non-proliferation. That is the message from an international network of more than 2000 organizations that today called on every nation attending the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in May to come prepared with national plans for phasing out nuclear weapons by 2020.
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New Study Finds Billions Wasted on ‘Nuclear Pork’ (October 26, 2004)
Funding for at least 10 nuclear programs proposed in the FY2005 budget now pending before the Senate appropriations committee will waste over $2 billion this fiscal year and at least $8.7 billion in the next five years, according to a study released today by the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

Campaign Asks Mayors to Call for Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons (October 18, 2004)
Abolition 2000 (www.Abolition2000.org), a network of over 2000 organizations in more than 90 countries working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons, today launched a new campaign called “Abolition Now!” to help enroll mayors across the globe in the Mayors for Peace Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons

April 8, 2004 Press Release
New York’s Bryant Park Site of MayDay Call for Nuclear Disarmament – May 1, 2004
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March 30, 2004 Press Release
Abolition 2000 Says Proposed UN Security Council “Non-Proliferation” Resolution Is Unacceptable
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August 25, 2003 Press Release
Open Letter to President Bush and Other Key Leaders Asking for Peace and Disarmament in North Korean Nuclear Crisis
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April 21, 2003 Press Release
Statement from the Annual Meeting
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