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Press Release of Le Mouvement de la Paix, April, 2009

NATO Summit in Strasbourg: A strategy of tension incompatible with the demand for democratic debate. Le Mouvement de la Paix makes a plea for witnesses to construct the legal case.

For several months, 600 democratic organizations worldwide have prepared a counter-summit against NATO, with an important International Conference of great quality. The ultra-militarist result of the summit reinforces the urgency of alternative solutions for the safety of the planet

The peaceful demonstration of April 4 could not be concluded. Le Mouvement de la Paix condemns with great firmness the violent acts of minority groups, which perverted the message of the organizers of this demonstration who intended to say “No to NATO – No to War”…..

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2009_français_Communiqué Mouvement de la Paix

2009_german_Presseerklärung der Mouvement de la Paix


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