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Model Nuclear Weapons Convention

In 1997 a working group convened by the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy prepared a Model Nuclear Weapons Convention , i.e. a draft treaty including all the elements that would be required for the complete abolition and elimination of nuclear weapons. The Model NWC was submitted to the United Nations by Costa Rica and distributed by the UN Secretary-General as UN Document A/C.1/52/7. The Model NWC had been drafted by a consortium of lawyers, scientists and disarmament experts led by the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy. Costa Rica explained that the Model NWC sets forth the legal, technical and political issues that should be considered in order to obtain an actual nuclear weapons convention, and was being submitted to the United Nations in order to in order to assist in the implementation of the International Court of Justice decision on the illegality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons and the United Nations resolutions calling for negotiations leading to a NWC.

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