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Nuclear Weapons Convention Resources

Security and Survival: The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention . This book, edited by Merav Datan and Alyn Ware (drafting coordinators of the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention), includes discussion about a nuclear weapons convention and contains the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention

Abolition through a Nuclear Weapons Convention, Merav Datan. This article looks at the current power dynamics in international relations and the potential for achieving a nuclear weapons convention.

Nuclear Weapons Convention Monitor . This periodical includes discussion of issues relating to the NWC. Three issues have been produced, the most recent being a report on a roundtable discussion using the NWC hosted by The Simons Foundation and held at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa , Canada , January 10- 11, 2002.

Nuclear Weapons Convention Working Group 2004 Report

Briefing paper on the Nuclear Weapons Convention

Summary of the Model NWC

What is a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC)
Support for an NWC
Model NWC
Abolition 2000 NWC Working Group