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What is a Nuclear Weapons Convention?

A Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC) is an international treaty, or package of agreements, achieved through negotiations of all relevant States, which would prohibit the development, testing, production, stockpiling, transfer, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons and provide a phased plan for their complete elimination.

The NWC would include procedures for verifying compliance, procedures for clarification or resolution of disputes relating to these obligations, and enforcement measures. It would provide a non-discriminatory approach to nuclear disarmament which would apply equally to nuclear weapon countries, nuclear capable countries, non-nuclear countries and non-State actors equally.

In a wider sense a NWC would be an expression and codification (implementation under international law) of the customary norm and universal condemnation of nuclear weapons. The achievement of an actual NWC would reflect a social and political movement away from reliance of force and military solutions to conflicts and towards common security and non-violent conflict resolution under international law.

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What is a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC)
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