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International Fast for Nuclear Disarmament

August 6, 2017 - August 9, 2017

Call of the international groups of fasters: We demand nuclear disarmament!

We are groups of fasters who have decided to forego nourishment for at least 4 days, from August 6th, the anniversary of Hiroshima, till August 9th, the anniversary of Nagasaki, to express our total opposition to nuclear weapons, and to call for their complete abolition.

The dynamics of nuclear disarmament have been radically changed this year: the non-nuclear countries have obtained a major breakthrough, with a United Nations vote on 7th July in favour of a Treaty banning nuclear weapons. 122 countries voted in favour of this Treaty, scheduled to be ratified in September. This give a new momentum to the overwhelming majority of nations, civic society organizations, and ordinary citizens, who resolutely oppose the folly of nuclear weapons.

The struggle is far from over: none of the nuclear countries have voted in favour of the Prohibition Treaty and some (USA, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Israel) are resolutely hostile to it. While refusing to engage in nuclear disarmament, all are financing nuclear modernization programs. In the UK, the parliamentary majority has voted for the renewal of Trident. In NATO countries hosting nuclear bases, the United States wants to modernize bombs and missiles, and to use them to equip new aircraft bombers. In France plans are being drawn up for a new nuclear submarine program. Russia is modernizing its arsenal…

The clock of the Apocalypse has again been moved forward, to 2 minutes 30 seconds before midnight, in other words the risk of nuclear attack is considered comparable to the most dramatic moments of the Cold War. 16,000 nuclear weapons are currently in active service, including 2,000 on alert.

A surge in public opinion is essential. The possession, production and threatened use of nuclear weapons must be prohibited. The United Nations Treaty must be upheld, and enforced!

We, the undersigned group of fasters, call on each and every person to join us in expressing this urgent call:

Nuclear disarmament must happen now! Join the Fast! Contact Dominique Lalanne, <do.lalanne@wanadoo.fr>

Group of Fasters in France :

PARIS Dominique Lalanne <do.lalanne@wanadoo.fr>

DIJON-Valduc Jean-Marc Convers <jeanmarc.convers@gmail.com>

BORDEAUX-Mégajoule Dominique Baude <baude.dominique@laposte.net>

LA HAGUE Josette Lenoury <jolenoury50@gmail.com>

BREST-Ile Longue Nikol <nicole.rizzoni@wanadoo.fr>

MONTPELLIER Elisabeth Martinez <elisabethmartinez@free.fr>

TOURS Marie Claude Thibaud <marie-claude.thibaud@wanadoo.fr>


Group of Fasters in:

UK LONDON, Marc Morgan <marcwmorgan@btinternet.com>

GERMANY BERLIN (July 30th to August 5th ) wolfgang.schlupp-hauck@t-online.de

GERMANY BÜCHEL Matthias-W. Engelke <mwEngelke@outlook.de>

Aotearoa-New Zealand: Audrey van Ryn audrey@writeaway.co.nz

USA LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico Alaric Balibrera <alaricarrives@gmail.com>

USA KANSAS CITY, Missouri Ann Suellentrop <annsuellen@gmail.com>

USA LIVERMORE LAB, California, laser NIF Marcus Pegasus <pegasus@lovarchy.org>

TOGO LOMÉ Warie Yao <wariesadacrepin@gmail.com>

NIGERIA LAGOS Adebayo Anthony Kehinde <kehindeadebayo37@gmail.com>


August 6, 2017
August 9, 2017


Dominique Lalanne