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World Future Day 24 hour round-the-world conversation and Nuclear Remembrance Day

March 1, 2021

We invite you to join the 8th Annual World Future Day 24 hour round-the-world conversation on March 1 to discuss how to create a better future for all.

The global conversation will begin in Aotearoa-New Zealand at 12 noon (click here to register for the opening session), then travel westward each hour as people join and leave the conversation. Youth, elders, policymakers, visionaries, artists, academics, future thinkers and ordinary people interested the future, will come together in a free-flowing dialogue designed to stimulate ideas and inspire hope. Most people will join the conversation at 12 noon in their time zone, but are also welcome to join at other times.

Each year, friends and strangers discuss ideas about possible worlds of tomorrow in a relaxed, open, no-agenda conversation. Futures research is shared, collaborations are created, and new friendships are made.

March 1 is also Nuclear Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the Bravo-Castle nuclear weapons test, most destructive nuclear test explosion ever carried out in the Pacific region. It is fitting, therefore, that the global conversation begins in Aotearoa-New Zealand, a country that has banned nuclear weapons, and which champions the cause of a nuclear-weapon-free, peaceful and sustainable world.

Opening hour: Aotearoa-New Zealand:

The opening hour of the conversation, which takes place from 12noon – 1pm New Zealand time, is being co-moderated by Alyn Ware (Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace, World Future Council),  Liz Remmerswaal (World Beyond War NZ coordinator) and Vanda Proskova (Youth Fusion). Please click here to register or contact Alyn Ware. See also the World Future Day 2021 New Zealand Press Release. Participants in the opening session are welcome to stay on for the next session, or join other sessions during the 24hour event.

Stimulus questions for the opening session:

  • What will help ensure we have a sustainable and peaceful future?”
  • “What from the past/present is worth preserving, and what should be discarded, to make a better future?”
  • What future challenges will we have to face that we are not facing now?”
  • “What roles do youth have in futures thinking and planning?”

Global conversation – other sessions

To participate in the global conversation in general, please see 8th Annual World Future Day 24 hour round-the-world conversation. There is additional information on some of the specific sessions including:
Australia; Theme Australasian Climate Futures, A Conversation. Hosted by the University of the Sunshine Coast. See World futures day Australia flyer.
; Manila World Future Day, The Indigenization and Democratization of Futures Thinking, at 12:00 noon Philippine time and Reimagining Metropolitan Governance at 12:00 noon Indonesia. Click here to register.

Youth program and inter-generational dialogue

There will be some parallel sessions especially for youth. Click here to see the general youth program. One of these events will be a more structured inter-generational dialogue organised by Youth Fusion. This session will also launch the Youth Fusion Elders initiative. For more information, and to register, see World Future Day Launch of Youth Fusion Elders.


The 8th World Future Day 24 hour round-the-world conversation, is co-sponsored by the Millennium Project in collaboration with the Association of Professional Futurists, Humanity+UNESCO’s Global Futures Literacy Network, World Academy of Art and Science and the World Futures Studies Federation. The opening hour is also being co-sponsored by Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace, World BEYOND War Aotearoa/New Zealand and Youth Fusion. Ideas arising from the conversation will assist their work, and the work of us all, to build a better future.


March 1, 2021


The Millennium Project
Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace